Your, “I do” should not be anything short of magical.

From the moment you and your guests take the rustic drive along the wooded creek and pull up to The Barn, you will have traveled to a place of peace and serenity. You will be awed at the sheer beauty of the landscape and the sounds of the creek, the view of the water fountain, and the presence of history throughout all of our Gathering Places.

​Imagine your guests entering the 100 year old timber built Barn and the view of the large chandeliers as they enter up the staircase. Your elegantly designed tables and your guests are perfectly situated and awaiting the moment for the bride to make her appearance during that special Grand March. Your catering team has set up a decadent display to enjoy before the DJ stirs up your thoughtfully chosen playlist. The harmonized music is playing throughout the barn and our bartenders are serving a full line of handcrafted cocktails. Your day has not only become perfect for you but for your guests. Your day will be remembered for years to come.