Mushroom Foraging Class | Sept 14th

This will be an in-person beginner mushroom class PLUS a guided hike to put the learned skills to practice. The class covers the basics of mushroom foraging in the Midwest. You will learn about general mushroom information, edible mushrooms, toxic mushrooms, how to come to identifications, and how to confidently continue learning. The classroom portion will take approximately 3 hours. Then we will go off on one of the trails on-site on a guided foray and talk about the mushrooms we are finding and how to identify them. Hopefully we find some goodies to bring home as well! This foray portion of the class could take about 2-3 hours approximately. 

Suggested items to bring: Bottled water, please wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear, pen/pencil and paper to take notes, and a basket or mesh bag to collect mushrooms in (certainly not required though). This experience should take roughly 6 hours total. This class is non-refundable. Price is $85 per person. No children under the age of 16 please. All attendees must be registered. 

About your guide:

Ariel Bonkoski is a self-taught mushroom identification expert that resides in Duluth, Minnesota. She has been studying fungi since 2016 and is now one of the most active mushroom identifiers in North America. Ariel has taught mushroom identification courses and led forays for colleges, public schools, mycological societies, and nature centers all over North America. Ariel is best known for her friendly and enthusiastic approach to teaching about mushrooms. She is an active Minnesota Master Naturalist, with a passion for learning, giving back to nature, and connecting people to nature. Ariel spends much of her free time camping, hiking, and foraging.