The Good Ole’ Days of Camping

It is March, and a fresh sheet of snow blankets the woods, lakes, and streams makes eager Midwestern’s more ready than ever for the winter to be over so they can enjoy Midwestern’s favorite pastime, camping.

Camping is a memory that we had when most of us likely had when we were kids. It was a time of friendship, swimming, family, fires, walks, games, and laughter. Camping as a kid ALWAYS left you with a smile and chances are still some of the times we reminisce about now as adults. There just seemed to be no worry when the family was camping. It is what some of us still refer to us as “the good ole’ days.”

Camping can mean different things to others. Some people enjoy a backcountry trek with a tent tucked into their hiking sack, some load up to the entire car or RV packed to the brim with all of the necessities for a no-fault weekend, and others just want to arrive to a fully furnished tent and not worry about any set up and clean-up and just enjoy a weekend of glamping (Glorified Camping). But the common denominator in all of this is the urge and desire to be outside, to create new memories and traditions.

Big Rock Creek, located just north of St. Croix Falls, is bringing this feeling of “good ole’ days back.” There is seriously,

something for everyone at Big Rock Creek including outdoor activities to fulfill everyone’s desire. Check out 5 reasons to Visit Big Rock Creek from Expedition Kristen as well as a few reasons of our own!

Why Visit Big Rock Creek:

1) RV Camping, Tent Camping, and Glamping Options

With the continuing expansion of RV spots, tent spots, and a variety of glamping tents available to rent, you can make your trip to Big Rock Creek as unique as you desire. Have you always dreamt of sleeping under the stars in a geodesic dome

or staying in a fully furnished canvas bell tent? We have you covered. Our spaces are the perfect place for families, girls’ trips, or even a corporate retreat. Book your RV site here.

2) The Lake at Big Rock

One fun option at Big Rock Creek is the fact that they have their own very lake and has complimentary kayaks, swim raft, paddle boats, and more, and trout fishing. With four species of trout present, guests are welcomed to take on some fly fishing and keep up to one trout per day.

Whatever, your “lake” time includes, we are certain you will enjoy the sweets sounds of the fountains, creek, and lake.

3) Hiking and picturesque views

Big Rock Creek is situated on nearly 980 acres of beautifully wooded land with nearly 23 walkable miles of trails. One of our favorite loops (approximately 3.5 miles) runs a long Big Rock Creek, takes a dip to the cabin in the woods, and then winds back to one of the most beautiful lotus ponds that you have ever seen.

If you love nature this is your place to hike. The sheer amount of wildlife, plants, and flowers that you will see is like your own personal scavenger hunt. Oh, and on your walk, don’t forget to bring a water jug and fill up at the water spigot which pumps fresh clean drinkable water 24 hours a day!

4) Events

If you are looking for a little more than a serene and quiet camping weekend, you are welcome to camp at one of the many events that are happening at Big Rock. Recently, we introduced, “Fridays at the Farm” an outdoor market and music series happening every Friday night from June 16th-September 1. It is a perfect way to start your getaway. Make sure to follow Big Rock Creek on Facebook to see all of the upcoming happenings.

5) Convenient Location

Located just north of the Twin Cities, St. Croix Falls and Taylor Falls are quickly becoming a destination hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts. From Hiking local start parks such as Interstate Park, taking a boat cruise down the St. Croix River, hiking the Ice Age Trail, to shopping and eating in the beautiful small border town, live music options, local brewery’s such as Trap Rock Brewing in St. Croix Falls, and local wineries such as Dancing Dragonfly and Chateau St. Croix. Big Rock Creek is located just north of the heart of all the greatness and an expansion to your weekend.